Tuesday, October 20, 2009

ACCU -- Professionalism in programming

If you're serious into programming, you should probably be a member of ACCU.
ACCU is an organisation of programmers who care about professionalism in programming and are dedicated to raising the standard of programming.
ACCU publishes journals, runs both targeted mentored projects and a yearly conference, and hosts mailing lists to help programmers develop their skills and professionalism.
I never had the chance to go to the conference, but the journals are very interesting (Overload is publicly available online).  Here is the table of content of Overload 93:
  • The Model Student: A Primal Skyline (Part 2) -- Richard Harris continues investigating the integers’ factors.
  • Multi-threading in C++0x -- Anthony Williams introduces us to the new threading library.
  • Quality Matters: Correctness, Robustness and Reliability -- Matthew Wilson defines various measures of quality.
  • The Generation, Management and Handling of Errors (Part 2) -- Andy Longshore and Eoin Woods present more error Patterns.
The mailing lists are also a great source of wisdom.  There is a new mentored project that is starting about Patterns, with Kevlin Henney as mentor.  Should be great!...